Emerson Fisher 1080 User Manual

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Fisherr 1080 Declutchable Manual Actuator
The Fisher 1080 manual actuator is a Declutchable
Actuator for manual operation of A41 double D shaft
control valves that use a 1035/El-O-Matic power
actuator. As shown in the following figure, the 1080
manual actuator mounts directly on the 1035
actuator. It can be engaged to allow manual operation
of the valve when the power actuator is not in use or
disengaged to allow automatic operation of the valve
by the power actuator.
Direct Attachment to the Power Actuator– Direct
mounting to the actuator housing simplifies
installation and eliminates the need for additional
mounting parts.
Engage Manual Actuator At Any Point of Rotation–
A lever-operated eccentricbearingsupportonthe
input shaft allows engagement of the worm gear
with the sector at any point of rotation.
Simplified Selection– Each size of the 1080
corresponds to the capabilities of a size of the 1035.
So you need only calculate t he size of the 1035,
when ordering both a 1035 and 1080 (see table 1).
Fisher 1080 Manual Actuator Mounted on a
1035/El-O-Matic Actuator
Positive Operation– The disengagement lever is
held in both the engaged and disengaged positions
by a spring-loaded pin, which must be released
before the lever can be moved. This reduces the
possibility of inadvertent or accidental operation. In
addition, stop-pins at the fully engaged and fully
disengaged positions provide positive limits for
lever travel.
1080 Manual Actuator
Product Bulletin
January 2013