Emerson Fisher 1B Handbook

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Fisherr 1B and 1BR Constant‐Pressure Pump
Governor Actuators
Figure 1. Fisher 1B Actuator on Direct‐Acting easy‐e™ Valve
Scope of Manual
This instruction manual provides information on installation, adjustment, maintenance, and parts ordering for the
Fisher 1B pump governor actuator. Refer to separate instruction manuals for information about the valve and other
accessories used with these actuators.
Do not install, operate, or maintain a 1B pump governor actuator without being fully trained and qualified in valve,
actuator, and accessory installation, operation, and maintenance. To avoid personal injury or property damage, it is
important to carefully read, understand, and follow all the contents of this manual, including all safety cautions and
Instruction Manual
1B Actuator
April 2011