Emerson Fisher 1B User Manual

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Fisherr 1B and 1BR Constant-Pressure
Pump Governor Actuators
The Fisher 1B pump governor actuator (figure 1) is
used to maintain a constant discharge pressure on
steam driven turbine or reciprocating pumps and for
pressure reducing or pressure relief applications.
Typical pump governor applications include fire
pumps, boiler feedwater pumps, and industrial or
refining pumps where the discharge medium is oil,
steam, air, or other noncorrosive fluid.
The 1BR pump governor actuator is combined with a
governor. A relief governor is used to divert excess
pump discharge t o the suction side of the pump.
Rugged ConstructionBrass and steel construction
combats wear for long service life.
Ease of Maintenance–Few moving parts and easy
access reduce maintenance and downtime.
Ease of Adjustment–Readily accessible spring
adjustment without removing any parts.
Leakfree Service–Leakfree piston cups available to
Fast Acting– Direct-operated configuration
provides fast speed of response.
Fisher 1B Actuator on Direct-Acting easy-et Valve
1B Pump Governor
Product Bulletin
December 2012