Emerson Fisher 2052 Handbook

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Fisherr 2052 Diaphragm Rotary Actuator
Fisher 2052 spring-and-diaphragm rotary actuators are
used on rotary-shaft valve bodies for throttling or
on-off applications. The 2052 may be used for
throttling service with a positioner, or it may be used
for on-off service without a positioner. The 2052 has an
ISO 5211 mating interface that allows installation to
non-Fisher valves. Refer to separate bulletins for valve
and positioner information.
nCompact design, smaller actuators-- Ensures
reduced valve/actuator envelope dimensions
leading to greater mounting versatility for both
skids and process plants, where space is at a
nCompatible with DVC2000, DVC6200, and
DVC6000 digital valve controllers; and 3610J and
3620J positioners-- The new actuator allows
linkage-less feedback, via a contact-less magnetic
array, from the lever to the end-mounted DVC2000.
Integral window mounting of the DVC6200,
DVC6000, 3610J, and 3620J is also available.
nClamped lever to reduce lost motion-- The clamping
of the lever onto a splined valve shaft, coupled with
the single pivot linkage, reduces lost motion
between the actuator and the valve. The typical
cumulative deadband for a Fisher rotary control
valve assembly results in 0.5% or less variability.
nNo bench set required-- The new nested spring
design requires no bench set. This also simplifies the
actuator selection process, see table 3.
nISO 5211 mounting with optional insert-- The
actuator can now be mounted directly onto
non-spline shafts, such as Square and Double D. This
allows the actuator, with its enhanced control, to
mount on a wider range of valves conforming to ISO
Fisher Control-Diskt Valve with 2052 Actuator and
FIELDVUE™ DVC6200 Digital Valve Controller
nAdjustable travel stops standard-- Provides the
ability to adjust or change the travel range by 30
degrees in either direction without removing the
actuator or the addition of extra parts.
nFail-safe mechanism contains no aluminum-- All
parts in the fail-safe mechanism (made of steel, cast
iron, and ductile iron) ensure the actuator will
maintain safety integrity in the event of a fire.
nPowder paint as standard-- The Emerson Process
Managementt powder paint finish offers an
excellent corrosion-resistant finish to all external
steel and cast iron parts.
nNAMUR VDE/VDI 3845 bolt pattern for accessory
mounting-- Meeting the global standard ensures
compatibility for most accessories, enabling quick
and easy mounting.
nField reversible, right- or left-hand mounting-- The
actuator/valve assembly action can be converted
from push-down-to-open to push-down-to-close, or
vice-versa, without additional parts.
nDeclutchable and top-mounted handwheels--
Available for all sizes.
2052 Actuator
Product Bulletin
November 2014