Emerson Fisher 3024C User Manual

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Fisherr 3024C Diaphragm Actuator
The 3024C actuator is a compact spring opposed
pneumatic diaphragm actuator incorporating a cast
yoke mounting and is suitable for general purpose
actuation of globe valves. It will position the valve plug
in response to varying controller or valve positioner
pneumatic output signals applied to the actuator
diaphragm. The 3024C actuator can be assembled as
either direct-acting or reverse-acting and provides
dependable and on-off or throttling operation of
automatic control valves.
Application Versatility–With eight different
configurations available, there is an actuator size to
meet your needs. Multi-spring combinations allow
for accurate selection of actuator thrust and valve
Reversible Action–The simple design allows the
change of action from direct to reverse acting
without the requirement for extra parts. Change of
action can be easily made in the field.
High Thrust Capability–The moulded diaphragm
and high strength casings allow for a maximum
casing pressure of 6 bar, enabling a high stem thrust
for a given size diaphragm.
Positive Connections–Split block stem connection
provides a solid transfer of motion while allowing
easy mounting and no linkages that create lost
motion or inaccurate valve positioning.
3024C Actuator Mounted on Fisher Valve
Rugged Construction–The cast steel yoke and
protection against corrosion, longevity, and
resistance against misuse.
Severe Temperature Applications–Through careful
selection of c onstruction materials, this actuator
temperature conditions from a minimum of -40_C
to a maximum of +82_C.
Compact Design–The compact size minimizes
weight and space needed.
Available Configurations
Refer to figure 1.
3024C Actuator
Product Bulletin
March 2012