Emerson Fisher 3582 User Manual

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Fisherr 3582 and 3582i Positioners and 582i
Electro-Pneumatic Converter
Fisher 3582 pneumatic valve positioners and 3582i
electro-pneumatic valve positioners, shown in figure 1,
are used with diaphragm-actuated, sliding-stem
control valve assemblies. The pneumatic valve
positioners receive a pneumatic input signal from a
control device and modulate the supply pressure to
the control valve actuator, providing an accurate valve
stem position that is proportional to the pneumatic
input signal.
3582NS positioners are designed for nuclear power
applications. The 3582NS construction includes
materials that provide superior performance at
elevated temperature and radiation levels. The O-rings
are EPDM (ethylene propylene) and the diaphragms
are EPDM/meta-aramid. EPDM demonstrates superior
temperature capability and shelf life over nitrile.
Use a clean, dry, oil-free air supply with instruments
containing EPDM components. EPDM is subject to
degradation when exposed to petroleum-based lubricants.
The meta-aramid diaphragm fabric demonstrates
improved strength retention at elevated temperature
and radiation conditions.
Under the 10CFR50, Appendix B, quality assurance
program, the 3582NS positioner is qualified
commercial grade dedicated. These can be supplied as
10CFR, Part 21 items.
The 3582i electro-pneumatic valve positioner consists
of a Fisher 582i electro-pneumatic converter installed
on a 3582 pneumatic valve positioner. The 3582i
provides an accurate valve stem position that is
proportional to a DC current input signal.
The 582i electro-pneumatic converter, shown in figure
3, is a modular unit that can be installed at the factory
or in the field.
The converter receives a DC current input signal and
provides a proportional pneumatic output signal
through a nozzle/flapper arrangement. The pneumatic
output signal provides the input signal to the
pneumatic positioner, eliminating the need for a
remote mounted transducer.
Upgrading an existing 3582 positioner by field installation of
a 582i electro-pneumatic converter may require changing
the existing positioner mounting and the input signal range.
Contact your Emerson Process Management sales office
when planning an upgrade.
3582 and 3582i Positioners
Product Bulletin
February 2015