Emerson Fisher 3661 User Manual

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3660 and 3661 Positioners
Fisher 3660 pneumatic and 3661 electro‐pneumatic
single‐acting positioners are used with various
actuators on sliding‐stem valves for throttling
applications. These rugged positioners provide a valve
position proportional to a pneumatic input or a
standard millampere DC input signal received from a
control device.
nAccurate, Efficient, Vibration‐Resistant
Operation—Positioner design provides accurate,
fast‐responding instruments able to withstand the
vibrations of most plant environments. Low
steady‐state air consumption contributes to
efficient operation.
nVariable Gain—Easily adjustable gain and damping
adjustments fine tune the positioner stability to
specific application requirements.
nVersatility—Positioner accepts a standard
pneumatic input signal (3660) or a standard
milliampere DC input signal (3661) from a control
device. This positioner provides split range
capabilities and adjustable zero and spans.
nFewer Spare Parts Required—Most of the parts for
3660 and 3661 positioners are interchangeable,
requiring fewer spare parts to support these
nRugged Construction—The case and cover are
designed to withstand mechanical vibration and
rough handling.
Fisher 3660 Positioner with
Baumannt Valve and Actuator
nEasy Positioner Adjustments—Zero and span
adjustments can be made with the cover in place.
nControl Valve Diagnostic Testing Capability—To
support diagnostic testing of
valve/actuator/positioner packages with the
FlowScannert valve diagnostic system,
connectors, piping, and other hardware can be
installed between the 3660 or 3661 positioner and
the actuator. A typical connector installation is
shown in figure 4.
3660 and 3661 Positioners
Product Bulletin
May 2012