Emerson Fisher 4320 Installation Guide

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Fisherr 4320 Wireless Position Monitor
The Fisher 4320 wireless position monitor eliminates
the need for wiring to an on/off pneumatically
actuated valve. It provides a precise wireless feedback
signal to indicate equipment position with a percent
(%) of span plus on/off indication. The 4320 can be
used to control and/or monitor valves, slidingstem
regulators, displacement and float level sensors, and
relief valves. It is designed to be simple to use,
compact, and easily mounted.
The control portion of the 4320 accepts commands
through the wireless network from a control system
and provides a pneumatic on/off signal to an actuator.
The feedback portion of the instrument periodically
reads the position of a measured device and transmits
that data over the wireless network. Transmitted data
includes the percent of span value, limit switch status
indications, valve set point, internal device
temperatures, and power module voltage. It also
checks for service and configuration instructions from
host systems such as distributed control systems
(DCS), asset management systems (AMS), and
supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)
The 4320 can be powered by a battery sourced power
module, eliminating the need to install wires. This
makes it easier to design new applications or
implement into retrofit locations. An external power
option is also available. The elimination of levers and
linkages reduces the number of mounting parts and
installation complexity. The autocalibration feature
allows consistent valve feedback.
The 4320 uses a linkage-less feedback design that
eliminates direct contact with the measured device
(e.g., valve, regulator, level, louver, or other devices)
eliminating physical contact and wear. IEC 62591/
WirelessHARTr communication protocol, operating at
2.4 Ghz, is utilized and is approved for use globally.
Instrument calibration and commissioning is
performed with a push button and liquid crystal
display (LCD) interface. This simplicity eliminates the
need for tools or the setting of cams during setup,
saving you time.
Designed to meet intrinsically safe and nonincendive
requirements, this instrument delivers scalable
functionality in a small package. Due to the
energylimiting nature of the design, this intrinsically
safe device is suitable for use in all zone locations. The
battery sourced power module option has no cable
4320 Position Monitor
Product Bulletin
July 2014