Emerson Fisher 4320 Service Guide

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NEPSI Hazardous Area Approvals for
Fisherr 4320 Wireless Position Monitor
with On/Off Control Option
This supplement provides NESPI Hazardous Area Approval information for the 4320 Wireless Position Monitor with
On/Off Control Option. Use this in conjunction with information provided in the 4320 Wireless Position Monitor with
On/Off Control Option instruction manual (D103621X012).
NEPSI—National Supervision and Inspection Centre for Explosion Protection and Safety of Instrumentation. NEPSI
approval is accepted in China.
Certain nameplates may carry more than one approval, and each approval may have unique installation/wiring
requirements and/or conditions of “safe use”. These special instructions for “safe use” are in addition to, and may
override, the standard installation procedures. Special instructions are listed by approval. Refer to the instruction
manual for all other information regarding the 4320 wireless position monitor.
This information supplements the nameplate markings affixed to the product.
Always refer to the nameplate itself to identify the appropriate certification.
Failure to follow these conditions of “safe use” could result in personal injury or property damage from fire or explosion,
and area re‐classification.
Standards Used for Certification
IEC 600790:2011 GB 3836.1-2010
IEC 6007911:2011 GB 3836.4-2010
IEC 6007926:2006 GB 3836.20-2010
Intrinsically Safe
Ex ia IIC T3/T4/T5 Ga (battery powered, without pneumatic output)
Ex ia IIC T4/T5/T6 Ga (battery powered, with pneumatic output)
Ex ia IIC T5 Ga (external powered, with or without pneumatic output)
Instruction Manual Supplement
4320 Wireless Position Monitor
September 2014