Emerson Fisher 4320 System Guide

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4310/4320 Wireless Position Monitor Burst
Configuration and Diagnostics
This document applies to:
Fisherr 4320 Device Type 1308 (hex) 4872 (decimal)
TopWorx™ 4310 Device Type E0CE (hex) 57550 (decimal)
Device Revision 4
Firmware Revision 5
DD Revision 1
This document will guide you through burst configuration and diagnostics using AMS Device Manager. Burst can be
configured similarly using the 475 Field Communicator. Refer to the appropriate instruction manual [D103622X012
(4310) or D103621X012 (4320)], available from your Emerson Process Management sales office, or www.Fisher.com,
for the Field Communicator menu trees, as well as 4310/4320 wireless position monitor installation, setup and
maintenance information.
Access burst configuration in the Broadcast Information group from the Wireless tab in Configure, Manual Setup.
When connected at the maintenance port, this screen shows the Network ID and the Basic content assignment for
each burst message. When AMS is communicating with the device over the wireless network, these variables are not
Instruction Manual Supplement
4310/4320 Wireless Position Monitor
November 2013