Emerson Fisher 585C User Manual

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Fisherr 585C Piston Actuators
The 585C linear piston actuator is a powerful,
double-acting actuator that provides accurate
throttling or on-off operation for sliding-stem control
The 585C piston actuator family is available in sizes 25
requirements. It can be used with switching valves for
on-off control, or with the DVC6200 digital valve
controller or 3600 positioner for throttling
The 585C has a wide-range of supply pressure
capabilities, up to 150 psig. As the 585C i s
double-acting, the positioner supplies air to both sides
of the piston, resulting in stiff, precise movement and
Information for the 585CLS long stroke actuator can
be found in Fisher bulletin 61.2:585CLS
High Thrust Capability-- With standard air supply,
the Size 130 Fisher 585C can produce up to 111,000
Newtons (25,000 lbs) of force.
Wide Range of S izes-- The 585C family of actuators
offers a wide range of sizes, with piston areas of 1 68
sq cm (26 sq in) up to 1,429 sq cm (221.5 sq in).
Rugged Construction-- The 585C standard yoke
material is ductile iron, resulting in robust
construction and increased thrust capability.
Fisher 585C Piston Actuator
with FIELDVUE™ DVC6200 Digital Valve Controller
Broad Travel Capability-- 585C piston actuators
provide standard travel lengths of up to 203 mm (8
High-Performance Instrumentation-- 585C
actuators are available with a variety of positioners
and accessories, including the FIELDVUE DVC6200
digital valve controller. The 377 trip valve and tank
system are also available for fail-safe action.
585C Actuator
Product Bulletin
September 2014