Emerson Fisher 8532 User Manual

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Fisherr 8532 High-Performance Butterfly
The Fisher 8532 high-performance butterfly valve
provides outstanding performance under extreme
pressure and temperature conditions. The 8532 valve
maintains tight shutoff, is available in a fire-tested
version, and can be specified for cryogenic
The 8532 valve is available as either a flangeless,
wafer-style design or as a single-flange (lugged)
design. A splined drive shaftcombineswithavarietyof
spring-and-diaphragm or pneumatic piston actuators
to make the 8532 a reliable, high-performance
butterfly valve for a variety of throttling and on-off
applications in the various process industries.
dynamic seals (figure 4) that can be used in a variety of
demanding applications. With the appropriate seal
selection and materials of construction, the
pressure-assisted seal provides excellent shutoff
against the full CL150 or CL300 pressure ratings.
Unless otherwise noted, all NACE references are to
NACE MR0175-2002.
Economical Tight Shutoff–The pressure-assisted
seal design provides tight shutoff against the full
pressure rating of the specified valve.
Safety–Shaft blowout protection is designed into
the8532valve(figure6).Theanti-blowout gland
fits securely over the valve shaft which has been
turned down to form a circumferential shoulder
that contacts the anti-blowout gland.
Excellent Flow Control–With a modified equal
percentage flow characteristic, the 8532 can be
used for throttling applications through 90 degrees
of disc rotation. Rangeability is 100 to 1.
Economically Designed for Minimal Deadband–A
splined end connection on the drive shaft allows
lever clamping by most Fisher rotary actuators.
Application Versatility–Standard construction
materials and seal assemblies provide long life and
outstanding performance in a broad range of liquid
and gas applications.
Ease of Maintenance–Interchangeability of all parts
including shafts and discs simplifies service and
reduces maintenance costs.
Improved Environmental Capabilities– The optional
smooth stem surfaces and live-loading provides
improved sealing, guiding, and loading force
transmission. The ENVIRO-SEAL packing system can
control emissions below the EPA (Environmental
Protection Agency) limit of 100 ppm (parts per
Easy Installation–The valve body self-centers on the
line flange bolts as a fast, accurate means of
centering the valve in the pipeline.
Reliable Flange Gasketing Surface–Seal retainer
screws are located so there is no interference with
the sealing function of either flat sheet or spiral
8532 Valve
Product Bulletin
April 2013