Emerson Fisher 8580 Handbook

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Fisherr 8580 Rotary Valve
The Fisher 8580 rotary valve offers excellent throttling
performance. An approximately linear flow
characteristic provides precise throttling control. The
8580 valve offers high cycle life and rugged reliability.
The valve body meets PN 10 through PN 40, CL150,
and CL300 ratings. Face-to-face dimensions meet EN
558, API 609, and MSS-SP68 standards. Line centering
clips provide for versatility to mount and align the
same wafer style valve body in different piping
configurations (ASME and EN ratings).
The 8580 rotary valve features an eccentrically-
mounted disk with either soft or metal seal, providing
capability for enhanced shutoff. The interchangeable
sealing technology allows for the same valve body to
accept both soft and metal seals.
The actuator sizing and selection process is improved
by simply reading a table for information.
8580 Features
Approximately linear flow characteristic– An
approximately linear flow characteristic provides
precise throttling control.
Global Stand ards– The valve meets API, ASME, and
EN standards, making it suitable for use in all world
PEEK/PTFE bearing as standard The PTFE-lined
PEEK bearing is a low friction, low wear bearing. I t
allows the valve to operate under high pressure
drops for a high cycle life while maintaining low
torque. The “drop-in” bearing design enables fast,
easy maintenance.
Spline-ended Shaft– The splined shaft with clamped
lever and single-pivot linkage reduces lost motion
between the actuator and the valve shaft.
Improved shaft-disk pinning– The improved
expansion pin system ensures t here is a positive,
durable connection between disk and shaft. This
connection reduces backlash and wear in the drive
system, optimizing long-term performance. It also
makes disassembly for maintenance quick and
simple with no need for special tools.
8580 Valve
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July 2012