Emerson Fisher Baumann 24000 User Manual

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Baumann™ 24000 Little Scotty™
Bronze Control Valve
Baumann Little Scotty industrial control valves are
intended for general utility service in pressure, flow,
and temperature control applications. This control
valve is positioned to take advantage of the trend
toward industrial grade requirements spanning
general utility to special applications. Little Scotty
valves exhibit low hysteresis and deadband, good
control characteristics, tight shutoff, rugged
construction, high performance packing, and easy
maintainability. These attributes translate into
reduced maintenance costs, reduced process
variability, and increased process availability, resulting
in lower long-term operating costs.
Compactandlightweightdesign reduces installed
piping costs
High quality S31600 austenitic stainless steel trim
S41600 stainless steel trim available
Dual plug and stem guiding provides increased
stability during plug travel
Multiple trim capacity reductions available to meet
changing processrequirements
Epoxy powder-coated actuator with stainless steel
fasteners for corrosion resistance
Multi-spring, field-reversible actuator with reduced
deadband, permits direct operation from remote
signal devices
Actuator and yoke can be removed from the valve
assembly while maintaining packing integrity
Fisherr FIELDVUEt digital valve controller available
for remote calibration and diagnostics in facilities
utilizing the PlantWebt architecture
24000 Little Scotty Control Valve with
Baumann 32 Actuator
24000 Little Scotty Control Valve with
Baumann 32 Actuator and
FIELDVUE DVC2000 Digital Valve Controller
24000 Valve
Product Bulletin
March 2013