Emerson Fisher Baumann 24000F User Manual

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Baumann™ 24000F Wafer Body
Control Valve
The Baumann unique 24000F wafer style control valve
mates with ASME and EN line flange connections and is
designed to control a wide range of process liquids,
gasesandvapors.Thisverycompact package provides
the connection integrity of flanged body globe valves
while being significantly lighter and easier to install.
Special alloy constructions are available and round out
the standard S31603 stainless steel offering. The
24000F serves as a general purpose, modulating valve
suitable for process line pressures up to 99 barg (1440
psig) and operating temperatures to 537_C (1000_F).
Compact and light-weight design reduces installed
piping costs.
Universal valve body construction mates with both
ASME and EN flanges (see table 9).
Multiple trim capacity reductions available to meet
changing process requirements with Cv ratings as
low as 0.00013.
Optional extended bonnet for applications ranging
from -195 to 537_C (-320 to 1000_F).
Optional ENVIRO-SEAL™ packing system to meet
critical emission control requirements
Epoxy powder-coated actuator with stainless steel
fasteners for corrosion resistance.
Multi-spring, field-reversible actuator with reduced
deadband, permits direct operation from remote
signal devices.
Actuator and yoke can be removed from the valve
assembly while maintaining packing integrity.
24000F Control Valve
with Baumann 32 Dual-Stop Actuator
24000F Control Valve with Baumann 32 Actuator and
FIELDVUE DVC2000 Digital Valve Controller
Fisherr FIELDVUE™ digital valve controller available
for remote calibration and diagnostics in facilities
utilizing the PlantWeb™ architecture.
24000F Valve
Product Bulletin
March 2013