Emerson Fisher Baumann 24000S User Manual

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Baumannt 24000S Stainless Steel
Control Valve
The Baumann 24000S versatile, pneumatic, control
valve may be used for the control of pressure,
temperature, level, and flow. NPS 1/2 through 2 valves
are available with NPT end connections. NPS 3 is
available as wafer style only. The CF8M stainless steel
valve body will withstand mildly corrosive fluids, yet is
economical enough to use in applications where
carbon steel is normally specified.
Compactandlightweightdesign reduces installed
piping costs.
End connection options are available to meet your
piping standards.
Dual stem and plug guiding provides increased
stability during plug travel.
High-quality S31600 stainless steel trim materials;
S41600 stainless steel trim available.
Multiple trim capacity reductions available to meet
changing processrequirements.
Epoxy powder-coated actuator with stainless s teel
fasteners for corrosion resistance.
Multi-spring field-reversible actuator with reduced
deadband permits direct operation from remote
signal devices.
Actuator and yoke can be removed from the valve
assembly while maintaining packing integrity.
Baumann 24000S NPT Control Valve
Fisherr FIELDVUE™ digital valve controllers available
for remote calibration and diagnostics in facilities
utilizing the PlantWebt architecture.
The FIELDVUE DVC2000 digital valve controller has a
local user interface that includes a liquid crystal
display and four push buttons for menu navigation.
NOLEEK bellows bonnet and single through triple
extension bonnets are available.
24000S Valve
Product Bulletin
March 2013