Emerson Flexline User Manual

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Flexline equipment by Branson is a
cost-effective in.dustrial product for
cleaning and rinsing parts. The equip-
ment features quality workmanship
and materi.als without “frills.” Flexline
offers more features and capabilities
than standard table-top equipment,
and greater flexibility in tank arrange-
ment than fixed con.sole systems.
The basic component of the Flexline is
a standard 304 stainless steel tank with
protective skirting. This tank can be
configured in a variety of ways for:
Ultrasonic cleaning
Spray under immersion
Weir overflow
Surface sparging
Spray rinsing
Overflow rinsing
Cascade rinsing
Because the Flexline system is based
on standard components, quick
delivery is assured. It also allows for
a very flexible configuration of tanks
that can easily be adapted should
production requirements change.
Flexline equipment is available in two
tank sizes, 12 inches by 16 inches and
20 inches by 24 inches. All tanks are
supplied with a stable painted steel
support stand. This brings the system to
a convenient 36-inch working height.
304 stainless steel construction
Protective tank skirting
Standard overflow weir
FlexLine Cleaning
and Rinsing Tanks
Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning
FlexLine Cleaning System