Emerson GP765 User Manual

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The battery compartment is located on the rear of
the remote control.
Remove the battery compartment door by
pressing down and sliding the door off.
Insert two (2) AAA size batteries into the battery
compartment as shown below. Use a well
known brand of alkaline batteries for longest life
and best performance. Be sure to observe the
polarity markings which are engraved inside the
battery compartment. If the batteries are
inserted incorrectly, the remote control will not
Replace the battery compartment door.
Do not mix different types of batteries together
(e.g. Alkaline and Carbon Zinc) or old batteries
with fresh ones.
When the operation of the remote control
becomes intermittent, replace the batteries. A
fresh set of alkaline batteries should operate the
remote for up to one year of normal use.
Thank you for purchasing the 5-in-1 Universal Remote Control. This uniquely
designed product can be easily programmed using the codes found at the back of
this manual, or automatically.
We are sure that this unit will provide you with many years of exceptional
performance with a minimum of care and maintenance. Please review the contents
of this instruction manual completely and carefully before operating your unit, to
make sure that you understand all functions and operations and get the maximum
benefit out of all the great features included in this product.