Emerson HK105 User Manual

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1976, 2001 Sanrio Co., Ltd.
Welcome to the world of Hello Kitty. My friends at Emerson Radio Corp. are producing this Hello Kitty Digital Alarm Clock under
license from Sanrio Company Ltd. Please read these instructions carefully and completely to make sure that you are familiar
with the operation of this product. If you have a ny dif ficulty with the set up or operation of this product ple ase call my friends at
Emerson Radio toll free at 1-800-898-9020.
1. AM Indicator.
2. ALM(Alarm ON) Indicator.
3. Time LED Display.
4. Battery Compartment.
(at bottom of cabinet)
5. AC Power Cord.
6. SNOOZE Button(Doll).
7. Alarm ON / OFF Button.
8. ALARM / RESET Button.
(Alarm Time Adjustment)
9. HOUR Button.
10. MINUTE Button.
11. TIME Adjustment Button.
This alarm clock has a Sure-Alarm battery back up system that will maintain the time and alarm settings in the event of a temporary
power interruption. In addition the battery can still operate the alarm even if the power is 'Off' at the wake up time.
Open the battery compartment cover on the bottom of the cabinet and
attach a 9 volt battery, (not included) to the battery terminal. It can only
be attached one way. Use an alkaline battery for longest life. Push the
battery into the compartment and close the cover.
If the power is interrupted the display goes ‘Off’. However, the battery will maintain the time and alarm settings, and when the power is
restored the display will come on again and the time and alarm settings will be correct.
If there is no battery, or a dead battery, in the battery compartment and the power is interrupted, the clock and alarm settings will be lost.
When the power is restored the clock display will be flashing. This indicates that the time display is incorrect and that both the time and
alarm time must be reset.
A fresh 9 volt alkaline battery should last for at least one year, but this depends on the number and duration of the power interruptions
you experience. For best performance we recommend that you install a new battery every 12 months.
This alarm clock is designed to operate on 110V-120V 60 Hz AC house current only. It should be connected to an AC outlet that is always
"live". Do not connect it to an outlet that is controlled by a wall switch.
This unit has a polarized AC plug with one wide blade and one narrow blade.This plug will only
fit into a matching polarized AC outlet. This is a safety feature to reduce the possibility of electric
shock. If this plug will not fit in your AC outlet, you probably have an outdated non-polarized
outlet. You should have your outdated outlet changed by a qualified, licensed electrician. Do not
file the wide blade on the plug, or use an adapter to make the plug fit into your outlet. This
defeats the safety feature and could expose you to electric shock.
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