Emerson Liebert NX On-Line UPS 40-200kVA Quick Start Guide

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A Customer Success
from the Experts in
Business-Critical Continuity™
In the 1980s, Norton Healthcare inherited a basement data center to support
mainframe computer systems. By 2006, the 35-year-old data center, which
supported the organizations 13,000 users and 400 servers, had reached its
power capacity. Norton Healthcare overhauled its data center to establish a
power, cooling and monitoring infrastructure capable of supporting blade
servers, virtualized servers, IP telephony systems, and electronic medical records.
Case Summary
Location: Louisville, Ky.
Emerson Network Power Products/Services:
• LiebertSeries610UPSSystems
• LiebertNpowerUPSSystem
• LiebertFPCPowerConditioningandDistributionCabinet
• LiebertFoundationDistributionCabinets
• LiebertSTS2StaticTransferSwitch
• LiebertChallenger3000PrecisionCoolingSystem
• LiebertDSPrecisionCoolingSystem
• LiebertDeluxeSystem/3PrecisionCoolingSystem
• LiebertSiteScanMonitoringSoftware
Critical Needs: Completely re-build a data center with a robust power, cooling
and monitoring infrastructure capable of supporting a healthcare network.
to support more than 1,000 servers and future technologies.
configuration capable of cooling high heat-density blade servers.
Gained visibility of all environmental conditions and enabled
proactive, preventative maintenance strategy through implementation
of real-time monitoring.
Norton Healthcare is the
Louisville area’s largest
hospital and health care
system by market share,
and third largest private
system includes four large
hospitals in Louisville, with
a fifth under construction
and scheduled to open in
August 2009; 11 Norton
Immediate Care Centers;
9,800 employees; nearly 300
employed medical providers
at some 60 locations; and
nearly 2,000 total physicians
on its medical staff. Norton
Healthcare serves patients
including Southern Indiana,
and throughout Kentucky.
Norton Healthcare