Emerson Liebert PSP Stand-by UPS 350-650VA User Manual

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Quick-Start Guide - 350VA/500VA, 120V
This manual contains important instructions that should be followed during installation and
maintenance of the UPS.
Intended for installation in a controlled environment.
Maximum ambient temperature 104°F (40°C).
Do not connect equipment that may overload the UPS or demand half-wave
rectification, such as a laser printer.
Connect the UPS only to an earthed / grounded outlet that meets national and local
electrical safety guidelines.
Locate the UPS near a wall outlet. Do not use an extension cord between the UPS and
the outlet.
The Liebert PSP has been designed for small office/home office use only; it is NOT
recommended for use in life-support applications.
In the event of an emergency, press the On/Off button and disconnect the power cord
from the AC power supply to properly disable the UPS.
Do not attach power strips or surge suppressors to the UPS.
Do not attempt to service any parts inside the UPS except when replacing the batteries.
Failure to adhere to this could cause personal injury or equipment malfunction and void
the warranty.
For technical support:
Visit www.liebert.com or
Send an e-mail to up[email protected]power.com.
To reduce the risk of fire, connect only to a circuit provided with 20 amperes
maximum branch circuit overcurrent protection in accordance with the national
code, ANSI/NFPA 70.
Step 1 Inspect the Package
Inspect the package and the UPS upon receipt.
Notify the carrier and dealer of visible damage.
The package includes:
Liebert PSP
USB cable
Quick-start guide
The Liebert MultiLink™ software may be
downloaded from the Liebert Web site at:
See Step 8 for installation instructions.
Step 2 Decide Where to Place the UPS
The UPS must be placed indoors, protected from water, direct
sunlight and excessive heat.
Provide at least 4" (100mm) of clearance on all sides of the unit
for proper ventilation.
Step 3 Charge the UPS Battery Before Use
The UPS battery is not charged before shipping. It MUST be charged before use.
Connect the UPS power cord to a wall outlet and charge for at least eight hours. Unit
can be charged in the on or off state.
Note: If battery is placed in storage, charge the battery every six months if kept at
5°F to 85°F (-15°C to 29°C)—or every three months if kept at 86°F (30°C) or higher.
Step 4 Start the UPS
After the battery is fully charged:
Turn on the UPS by pressing the On/Off button (see Figure 1 below).
LED 1 should be illuminated (green), indicating the UPS is operating in Normal Mode.
Step 5 Check the Site Wiring Fault Indicator
Check the rear of the UPS to make sure the Site Wiring Fault indicator is
NOT illuminated.
Caution: If the Site Wiring Fault indicator is illuminated, have a qualified
electrician check the wall receptacle wiring and fix any problems.
Step 6 Connect the Loads
The UPS has three battery backup outlets that
provide power when the UPS operates on bat-
tery. There is also one surge-only outlet (see
Figure 2 below).
Plug the loads into the battery backup outlets
on the rear of the UPS.
Caution: Do not connect a laser printer to the
Step 7 Connect the Network Surge Protection
The UPS has two network cable jacks for network lines
(see Figure 2 below).
Connect a single-line network cable into the network
surge protection IN jack on the rear of the UPS.
Connect a network cable from the OUT jack on the rear
of the UPS to a port on a PC or network device such as
a router.
Step 8 Set Up Liebert MultiLink software
To start using the Liebert MultiLink software:
Install the software.
See the Liebert MultiLink quick-start guide or user manual for
installation instructions.
Connect one end of the USB cable (supplied) to the USB port on
the rear of the UPS. Connect the other end to a USB port on the
See the Liebert MultiLink user manual for operating instructions.
Note: Emerson recommends connecting the USB cable directly to
the computer WITHOUT using a USB hub.
Network Power
AC Power System
UPS Status, Alarm Conditions and Alerts
Condition LED Color Solid/Flashing Audible Alarm
Normal Mode LED 1 Green Solid (steady glow) (None)
Battery Mode LED 1 Green Flashes every 3 seconds Every 3 seconds
Battery Low LED 1 Green Flashes every 1 second till end of discharge (EOD) Every 1 second
Overload LED 2 Amber Solid (steady glow) until load drops or breaker trips Continuous
Battery Replacement LED 2 Red Flashes every 1 second for 5 seconds only Every 1 second for 5 seconds only
Fault LED 2 Red Solid (steady glow) until UPS shuts down after 5 seconds Continuous until UPS shuts down
LED 2 (red = fault;
amber = overload)
On/Off button
Battery backup
outlets (3)
NEMA 5-15R
RJ-45 jacks (2)
Surge outlet (1)
NEMA 5-15R
Site Wiring
Fault indicator
Figure 2 - Rear PanelFigure 1 - Front Panel LEDs