Emerson MCU200 User Manual

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Each Mobrey ultrasonic control system requires a sensor to
suit the specific application, plus a control unit.
These installation instructions cover the Mobrey control units
in the MCU200 series.
1. Sensor installation
2. Control unit installation
3. Applications:
3.1Gain adjustment
3.2Liquid level alarm
3.3Pump control and latching arms
3.4Blanket or interface detection
4. Spare parts and fault finding
Power supply MCU 201 110/120 ±10% 220/240±10% 50-60 Hz
Installation category MCU 201 II-IEC664 for 230V ac supply III-IEC664 for 115V ac supply
Pollution degree MCU 201 2-IEC664
Power consumption MCU 201 6VA approx at 240 Vac
Power supply MCU 203 24V dc (20V Min, 30V Max) Supply must be floating or negative earth
Current consumption MCU 203 0.1A Max
Relay output 5A at 230V ac DPCO
Relay state Normal state selectable energised/de-energised
Relay delay 0.5,2,8,30 seconds selectable. Operates for change of relay state in
one direction only. 50msecs in other direction. (Approx.)
LED indicators Red for alarm, Green for normal, Yellow for cable fault
LED state Green/Red indication selectable for either sensor state
Sensors compatible Any Mobrey ultrasonic gap, Hisens or Interface sensor
Sensor frequency Switch selects electronics operational at either l MHz or 3.7 MHz
Cable check Option selectable for certain sensors
External input Used to hold relay de-energised to provide pump control
Box size 200 x 120 x 75mm
Fixing centres 188 x 188
Box rating IP65 Polycarbonate (clear lid)
Temperature -40
C to 55
C ambient
Holes for glands 3 off 16mmØ
EMC Emissions: EN50081-1 Immunity: EN50082-1
Safety EN61010-1
If this equipment is used in a manner not specified by the
manufacturer, the protection provided may be impaired.
All installation and commissioning of this equipment must
be carried out by electrically competent persons
Mobrey ultrasonic liquid level control or sludge
blanket or interface detection systems using
control unit type MCU200
Installation Leaflet
IP227, Rev. AA
July 07
MCU200 Installation, Operation &
Maintenance Instructions