Emerson Model B252R Portable Ultrasonic Degreaser User Manual

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The Branson B252R Ultrasonic Vapor
Degreaser is one of a series of environ-
mentally sound, cost effective precision
degreasers. This small but powerful
unit integrates state-of-the-art controls
with maintenance practicality in an
ultrasonic vapor degreaser. It incorpo-
rates all of the important environmen-
tal and safety features typically found
in larger units. All controls are clustered
on a compact front-mounted digital
control panel. The B252R features an
offset boiling chamber to reducing the
solvent/air interface reducing solvent
emissions and footprint. It is ideal for
use with most solvents including
HCFC, HFC, HFE, n-propyl bromide,
AK-225, and more. With a 4.8 gallon
solvent capacity, the compact B252R
is ideal for use at individual production
work stations or as a tool to develop
processes for larger equipment.
The B252R is designed to comply with
EPA environmental regulations on
solvent emissions, an important envi-
ronmental and economic consideration.
Some of these features also facilitate
OSHA compliance. The unit includes,
as standard, a number of engineered
improvements designed specifically to
minimize solvent losses. The following
list details some of these more impor-
tant features:
Freeboard ratio of 100% to minimize
diffusion losses due to drafts
Peripheral refrigerated condensing
coil to efficiently condense solvent
vapors minimizing emissions
Captured sliding cover to eliminate
drafts and help seal the unit during
periods of inactivity
Offset boiling chamber to reduce
solvent air interface to below 1 ft
Recirculating pump and cartridge
filter to remove particulate and extend
solvent life
In addition to the benefits associated
with keeping solvent away from the
operator, the B252R has many other
features which contribute to safety and
reliability. Key among these are:
Low voltage controls for operator
Model B252R Portable Ultrasonic
Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser
The small but powerful Branson
B252R Vapor Degreaser
integrates state-of-the-art
controls with maintenance
practicality in an ultrasonic
vapor degreaser.