Emerson MP-4000 User Manual

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Product Description
Remote Monitoring Modem (RMM+) for ThermoKing MP-4000
Real time container monitoring and tracking — anytime and
Features built-in GPRS/GPS module for land based monitoring/
Bluetooth interface for fast wireless upload of controller soft
ware and log retrieval
ISO 10368 Power Line communication for compliance with local
reefer monitoring systems
Easy installation as the RMM+ ts directly into the MP-4000
expansion slots
The MP-4000 RMM+ is a remote communication device designed
specically for the MP-4000. The MP-4000 RMM+ combine industry
standard ISO10368 communication with wireless technologies for
fast data transfer, long distance communication and tracking.
When no local monitoring system is available, the MP-4000 RMM+
will via GPRS forward all exceptions such as alarms and power on/
off events as they occur, and will provide full set of data at preset
scheduled intervals to the Global Monitoring Server.
The Bluetooth interface allows for fast and wireless transfer of
container rmware and data retrievals via the LogMan II device or
An important part of the MP-4000 RMM+ is the ISO 10368 power-
line communication for monitoring and control of reefer contain-
ers onboard vessels or terminals. Each container equipped with an
MP-4000 RMM+ is able to send data on its operating conditions and
alarms to a local monitoring system, such as the REFCON system.
Besides monitoring, the MP-4000 RMM+ can be used to remotely
control various reefer container functions, which include changing
the setpoint, initiating PTI or defrost.
The MP-4000 RMM+ offers a number of important benets, such as:
Full transparency in the cooling chain
Improved utilization of container eet
Reduced risk of potential cargo damage
Reduction of operational cost due to less time-consuming
manual inspections
Minimize unexpected events such as container tampering,
theft, diversion or holdups in transit.
Improved safety of personnel
Improve cargo documentation handling processes
Optimization of MP-4000 operation with reduced risk of
human errors
Energy savings due to always updated MP-4000 software,
which enables the MP-4000 to run the latest energy
efcient programs
Enables ThermoKing Magnum+ containers for real time remote
monitoring and tracking on vessels, in terminals and inland trans-
Centralized remote management of ThermoKing Magnum+ con-
tainers operating conditions, alarms, events, settings and positions.