Emerson MV-1020 User Manual

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Baumannt Electronic Modulating Actuators
Baumann MV-1020 and VA-1020 electronic
modulating valve actuators feature state-of-the-art
stepper motor technology to provide unrestricted,
continuous modulation and exacting position control.
Performance of these actuators rivals the power of our
pneumatic diaphragm sliding-stem designs.
Integral Servo Amplifier/Positioner; AC or DC pulse
(optional): Accepts4-20mA,0-5VDC,or0-10VDC
input signal as standard; split range 4-12 and 12-20
mA; dry contact closure
Wide Ambient Temperature Operating Range: -40
to 65_C (-40 to 150_F)
Motor Enclosure: Standard: CSA explosion-proof for
Class I, Div 1, Groups C & D; Dust-ignition-proof for
& 9 (IP65) indoor/outdoor;Optional:GroupBand
ATEX (for 24VDC & 120/240 VAC only)
Excellent Positioning Accuracy: +/- 1% of full range
Stepper Motor Technology: Unrestricted
continuous modulating duty
Fits Baumann 24000 Series sliding-stem valve
designs: Baumann 24000 series family of bronze,
carbon steel, stainless steel, and special alloy
designs, see table 1
Top-Mounted Manual Override: Permits manual
operation with loss of power
Built-in Loop-Powered Position Transmitter: 4-20
mA signal
Easy Pushbutton Calibration
Jordan MV-1020 Linear Valve Actuator Mounted to
Baumann 24000SVF Valve
Jordan VA-1020 Linear Valve Actuator Mounted to
Baumann 24000C Valve
Electronic Actuators
Product Bulletin
November 2012