Emerson NetSure 4015 DC Power System User Manual

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System Application Guide
NetSure 4015 30kW 400V DC Power System
Spec. No. 584000300 (Model 4015-X003)
Issue AB, April 5, 2013
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Systems, North America, Inc. Any copying, use, or disclosure of it without the written permission of Emerson Network Power, Energy Systems, North America, Inc. is strictly prohibited.
Description: 400V DC Output @ up to 30kW Power System
The NetSure™ 4015, 30kW DC Power System is a complete integrated power system
containing rectifiers, intelligent control, metering, monitoring, and distribution. The
individual system sub-racks can be factory integrated into a standard 19” IT rack or
provided separately for customer integration into an existing IT rack.
This power system is capable of operating either with or without batteries online.
This system consists of the following components.
Power and Control Sub-Rack (List 11, 12)
The system contains one (1) “power and control sub-rack”, which houses up to two
(2) rectifiers and the system control and monitoring components.
The system contains one (1) or two (2) rectifiers, which provide load power,
battery float current, and battery recharge current during normal operating
conditions. Refer to the rectifier instructions (UM1R40015000e) for more
ACU+ (Advanced Control Unit Plus) Controller
The system controller provides power system control, rectifier control (including a
charge control function), metering functions, monitoring functions, and
local/remote alarm functions. Power system control includes battery low voltage
disconnect (BLVD) functionality to remotely trip battery circuit breakers which
protects batteries against over-discharge. The system can also be equipped with
one (1) or two (2) temperature probe(s). Any combination of the two (2)
temperature probes can be programmed to monitor ambient air temperature
and/or battery temperature. A temperature probe set to monitor battery
temperature can also be used for the rectifier battery charge temperature
compensation feature and/or BTRM (battery thermal runaway management)
feature. The controller also provides data acquisition, system alarm
management, and advanced battery and energy management. The controller
contains an LCD display and keypad for local access. The controller provides
Ethernet connection and supports
software upgrade via its USB port. It also
comes with a comprehensive web page
and SNMP capability for remote system
management. Refer to the ACU+
controller instructions (UM1M820NNB-1)
for more information.
System Shutdown
A “System Shutdown” pushbutton is
located on the front of the power and
control sub-rack. When momentarily
depressed, the rectifier’s AC input circuit
breakers and the Emerson provided
battery trays’ battery disconnect circuit
breakers are tripped open to isolate the
system from all electrical sources.
Manual intervention is required to restart
the system.