Emerson OMNI 2000 - Model 1012 User Manual

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The OMNI 2000 cleaning system
by Branson is a fully-configured
ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing system
with a built-in dryer. The equipment
incorporates quality workmanship
and materials without including
unnecessary extras.
The OMNI 2000 offers a full range
of hard-working features, while
occupying only a fraction of the floor
space of comparable systems. All
controls are mounted in a convenient
control box and operate at 24 Volts
for safety.
Precision cleaning is accomplished in
the first chamber. This chamber is
equipped with Branson Series 7000
industrial 40 kHz ultrasonic components
and thermostatically-controlled heat. A
recirculating pump and filter
OMNI 2000
Cleaning System
Model 1012
Ultrasonic Cleaning
Omni Series
system to continuously remove particu-
late material is standard.
The OMNI 2000 includes two rinse
chambers in a cascade arrangement.
Rinse water overflows from chamber
three into chamber two. This counter-
flowing feature provides excellent
rinsing while substantially reducing
water consumption. Chamber two
includes ultrasonic components as stan-
dard to assure that all soils and cleaning
chemistry are driven from blind holes
and crevices before the dry cycle.
The drying chamber utilizes both
elevated temperature and rapid
air movement to produce dry parts.
The chamber is furnished with a
3" vent duct to facilitate moist air