Emerson OMNI X User Manual

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waves create microscopic vacuum bubbles, and when
the next high-pressure wave hits them, they implode
suddenly to create shock waves that blast the soil and
contaminants from even the tiniest holes and crevices.
The turbulence created by cavitation enhances the
action of cleaning chemistries by constantly exposing
surfaces to fresh chemistry. In the same way it improves
cleaning, ultrasonic cavitation also enhances rinsing.
OMNI Series
General Description
The OMNI X TDR-ZP is a fully
integrated cleaning, rinsing,
and drying system consisting
of an ultrasonic cleaning tank, a
two-stage cascade rinse tank,
a recirculated hot air dryer,
and TDR-ZP material handling
system. It’s specifically designed
to provide superior, precision
cleaning of small and medium
items in a variety of applica-
tions. When integrated
with the optional TDR-ZP
two-dimensional transport
system, the OMNI X becomes an
automatic high-throughput cleaning
system with precise PLC control.
Advanced-technology Cavitation Cleaning
OMNI X 1012 systems use ultrasonic cavitation to both
clean and rinse the parts. Cavitation is produced when
high-frequency, high-intensity sound is applied to a
liquid. The sound creates waves of high pressure and low
pressure that pass through the liquid. The low-pressure