Emerson Process Management 1056 User Manual

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Your instrument purchase from Rosemount
Analytical, Inc. is one of the finest available for your
particular application. These instruments have been
designed, and tested to meet many national and
international standards. Experience indicates that its
performance is directly related to the quality of the
installation and knowledge of the user in operating
and maintaining the instrument. To ensure their con-
tinued operation to the design specifications, per-
sonnel should read this manual thoroughly before
proceeding with installation, commissioning, opera-
tion, and maintenance of this instrument. If this
equipment is used in a manner not specified by the
manufacturer, the protection provided by it against
hazards may be impaired.
Failure to follow the proper instructions may
cause any one of the following situations to occur:
Loss of life; personal injury; property damage;
damage to this instrument; and warranty invalida-
Ensure that you have received the correct model
and options from your purchase order. Verify that
this manual covers your model and options. If
not, call 1-800-854-8257 or 949-757-8500 to
request correct manual.
For clarification of instructions, contact your
Rosemount representative.
Follow all warnings, cautions, and instructions
marked on and supplied with the product.
Use only qualified personnel to install, operate,
update, program and maintain the product.
Educate your personnel in the proper installation,
operation, and maintenance of the product.
Install equipment as specified in the Installation
section of this manual. Follow appropriate local
and national codes. Only connect the product to
electrical and pressure sources specified in this
Equipment protected throughout by double insulation.
Installation and servicing of this product may expose personel
to dangerous voltages.
Main power wired to separate power source must be
disconnected before servicing.
Do not operate or energize instrument with case open!
Signal wiring connected in this box must be rated at least
240 V.
Non-metallic cable strain reliefs do not provide grounding
between conduit connections! Use grounding type bushings
and jumper wires.
Unused cable conduit entries must be securely sealed by
non-flammable closures to provide enclosure integrity in
compliance with personal safety and environmental protection
requirements. Unused conduit openings must be sealed with
NEMA 4X or IP65 conduit plugs to maintain the ingress
protection rating (NEMA 4X).
Electrical installation must be in accordance with the National
Electrical Code (ANSI/NFPA-70) and/or any other applicable
national or local codes.
Operate only with front panel fastened and in place.
Safety and performance require that this instrument be
connected and properly grounded through a three-wire
power source.
Proper use and configuration is the responsibility of the user.
Dual-Input Intelligent Analyzer
Instruction Sheet
PN 51A-1056/RevB
November 2010
Model 1056
For additional information, please refer to Instruction Manual 51-1056, rev H
or visit www.emersonprocess.com/raihome/liquid
Use only factory documented components for repair.
Tampering or unauthorized substitution of parts and pro-
cedures can affect the performance and cause unsafe
operation of your process.
All equipment doors must be closed and protective cov-
ers must be in place unless qualified personnel are per-
forming maintenance.
If this equipment is used in a manner not specified by the
manufacturer, the protection provided by it against haz-
ards may be impaired.
Provide a switch or breaker to disconnect the analyzer from the main power supply. Install the switch or breaker
near the analyzer and label it as the disconnecting device for the analyzer.