Emerson Process Management 225 User Manual

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Model 225
Sanitary and CIP Toroidal Sensor
Instruction Sheet
PN 51A-225/rev.I
December 2010
Wetted Materials Temperature Pressure
225-03 PEEK (glass-filled) 230°F (110°C) 200 psig (1480 kPa abs)
225-07 Unfilled PEEK, meets 21CFR177.2415
266°F (130°C) 200 psig (1480 kPa abs)
225-08 Unfilled PEEK, meets USP Class VI 266°F (130°C) 200 psig (1480 kPa abs)
225-09 Tefzel (unfilled) 230°F (110°C) 200 psig (1480 kPa abs)
The sensor may be installed
in either a tank or pipe using
a customer-supplied Tri-
clamp and tee assembly.
The sensor requires a 2-inch
Tri-clamp, a 2-inch type 1
gasket, and a 2-inch tank
ferrule or tee.
Keep at least 1 in. (25 cm)
between sensor and pipe
wall. If clearance is too small,
calibrate the sensor in place.
Ensure that the sensor is
completely submerged in liq-
uid to the flange. Mounting
the sensor in a vertical pipe
run with the flow from bottom
to top is best. If the sensor
must be mounted in a hori-
zontal pipe run, orient the
sensor in the 3 o’clock or 9
o’clock position.
FIGURE 1. Dimensions
For additional information, please visit our website
at www.emersonprocess.com/raihome/liquid/.
Before removing the sensor, be absolutely certain
that the process pressure is reduced to 0 psig and
the process temperature is lowered to a safe level!
The wetted sensor materials may not be compatible
with process com position and operating conditions.
Application compat ibility is entirely the
bility of the user.
Sensor meets 3A sanitary requirements for sensors and sensor fittings and connections used on milk and milk products
equipment (74-03).