Emerson Process Management CW_30 User Manual

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Product Data Document
July 16, 2007 - Page 1
Website: www.EmersonProcess.com/Remote
Remote Automation Solutions
Integrated Enclosure Solutions
Designed and built for out-of- the-box
installation and startup
For years, our panel shop has been setting the
standard for quality design, assembly and testing
of custom enclosures and cabinets. Now Emerson
Process Management brings that experience to the
Bristol® ControlWave® Micro to provide a plug-and-
play installation solution.
Eliminates the need for in-house panel design
and fabrication
Design standardization minimizes cost
Rely on the experience of professionals for cost
effective packages designed for your specic
Fabrication by UL 508 certied panel shop
assures electrical code compliance
Avoids delay in custom panel quoting
Two-week delivery on most common
congurations helps you to plan installation and
startup sooner
All components and options are tested together
allowing trouble-free startup
Standardizes the maintenance effort to reduce
maintenance cost
Emerson quality ensures long term reliability
and lower cost of ownership over the product
Ideal SCADA Solution
Emerson has been a pioneer of innovative SCADA
solutions throughout the modern era of SCADA.
Over these two decades we have gained the knowl-
edge, experience and skill to engineer the afford-
able solutions you need.
The ControlWave Micro integrated enclosure solu-
tion is the ideal answer to your SCADA require-
ments for exibility, quality and budget control.
The programmability of ControlWave and the ex-
ibility of the integrated enclosure solution allows for
a wide range of water & wastewater, oil & gas and
energy distribution application.
Pump and lift station RTU
Gas measurement SCADA RTU
Pressure Recorder (1 to 4 sensors)
Water Quality Monitor when combined with the
Six-Cense™ water quality sensor
SCADA Security Monitor with event detection,
entry/access control and video storage