Emerson Process Management ExpressPAC User Manual

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Product Data Document
420DS-7d / D301312X012
January 29, 2009 - Page 1
Website: www.EmersonProcess.com/Remote
Remote Automation Solutions
Bristol® ControlWave® ExpressPAC, from Emerson
Process Management, is a highly integrated pre-
engineered package solution that combines the new
ControlWave Express SCADA RTU with a variety of
options commonly required in SCADA applications.
These include a compact Nema 4X rated enclosure,
power supply and solar panel options with battery
backup, operator display/keypad input options, and
wireless communication options. Standardization
eliminates the need for in-house panel and packag-
ing design and fabrication resulting in lower initial
installation cost. This also standardizes the mainte-
nance effort to reduce the long term cost of owner-
As an integrated RTU in a SCADA system,
ControlWave ExpressPAC has the unique attributes
required for wide area networks, without sacricing
process control performance.
Pre-engineered SCADA RTU package solution
reduces integration and maintenance costs
Multiple serial communication ports for network,
local and multi-vendor connectivity
Built-in BSAP, Modbus & DNP protocols for
broad network compatibility
Report-By-Exception for communication
Modbus Store and Forward capability for
geographic exibility with radio networks
Ultra low power modes minimizes cost of solar/
battery power systems
Wide operating temperature range for remote
outdoor locations
Application Suitability
Based on years of experience in water, gas and
SCADA related industries, ControlWave Express
has the technology, functional benets and open
architecture to excel in many applications.
Water distribution: Pump, tank, well and reservoir
Wastewater: Lift station and storm water monitoring
Natural Gas: Gas well, storage and plunger lift
ARM processor provides exceptional
performance and low power consumption
IEC 61131-3 programming with ACCOL III
process control function block library
Optional 100/10 MB Ethernet port
Three serial communication ports
Flexible xed I/OI congurations
4 Digital inputs
2 Digital outputs