Emerson Process Management Water Dispenser User Manual

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Division of Emerson Electric Co.
Racine, Wisconsin 53406, U .S .A.
Instant Hot Water Dispenser
Installation, Care & Use Guide
Congratulations on the purchase of your new In-Sink-Erator
instant hot water dispenser. This product is designed and
manufactured to the highest standards.
The warning symbol alerts you to potential hazards or unsafe
practices which could result in severe personal injury or death.
The caution symbol alerts you to hazards or unsafe practices
which could result in minor personal injury or property damage.
This product dispenses water at approximately 190˚F, which
is hot enough to cause severe burns. Caution should be exercised when
installing and using this product.Do not allow children to operate this
appliance without adult supervision.
Do not attempt to install the unit until you have read and
understand these installation guide instructions.
Under no circumstances is this product to be altered in any
way other than that which is specifically addressed in these instructions.
Doing so may void your warranty.
Do not use an electric drill to drill into metal water pipes;
doing so could result in an electrical shock hazard. If necessary, use a
cordless drill or hand drill.
Premature connection of the unit to an electrical supply could
result in a “dry start” condition, which could damage the unit and void your
warranty. The unit must be completely installed and the tank must be
completely full with water running from the dispenser before plugging the
unit in to an electrical supply. Consult these installation instructions.
Do not under any circumstances use bleach, abrasive liquids,
powders or scouring pads to clean the faucet as doing so could void your war-
ranty. Occasional cleaning with a soft cloth and warm soapy water is sufficient.
A hot water dispenser, like any water heater, has limited life
and will eventually fail. To avoid possible property damage, a hot water
dispenser should be regularly examined for leakage and replaced when
necessary. A drain pan plumbed to an appropriate drain is suggested in those
applications where any leakage could cause property damage.
Retain your receipts (purchase and/or installation) as these document the
start date of your 1-year warranty. In the absence of purchase or installation
receipts, your warranty is one full year from the date of manufacture.
P/N 43142 Rev. 10/00
Dispenser head configurations covered in this installation guide.
If your dispenser head still varies, you may require another installation
Connecting the dispenser to your regular water supplies requires no special
plumbing. All details are covered in the installations instructions. Be sure
that the plumbing connections conform to your applicable local codes. If your
water supply contains sand, grit or other suspended particles, the use of a
filter is recommended. The filter should not result in the water pressure to
the dispenser dropping below 30 pounds per square inch (207kPa). This will
prevent your unit from operating properly.
Astandard 115-volt grounded electrical outlet is required under the sink for
the dispenser ’s electrical power. The current use is 6.5 amps only when the
tank is heating. Ensure that all electrical wiring and connections conform to
applicable codes. Note: The wall outlet to your dispenser must have
power supplied to it continuously and must be fused. It should not be
controlled by the same wall switch that operates your disposer.
Personal Injury
• Dispenses 190˚F (88˚C) water which can instantly cause scalds
or burns. Use care when operating this appliance.
• Do not allow children to operate this appliance without adult
Fire Hazard
• To minimize possibility of fire, do not store flammable items such
as rags, paper or aerosol cans near the tank. Do not store or
use gasoline or other flammable vapors and liquids in the vicinity
of this or any other appliance.
Personal Injury
• This tank is a non-pressure tank. Do not modify this system. Do
not close vent tube or connect other type faucets or valves to
the tank.
• Use only the faucet supplied.
Electrical Shock Hazard
• Disconnect power before installing or servicing unit.
• Use only a properly grounded and polarized electric outlet.
Product Damage
Do not plug unit in until tank is filled with water and water flows from spout.
These are the tools and
materials you will need
Phillips and flat blade
Adjustable wrench
115-volt grounded outlet
within 30 inches (76 cm) of
the dispenser
Cold water line within 2
feet (61 cm ) of the dis-
penser. A shutoff valve to
connect the dispenser to the
cold water line (see step 4
for examples of connections
that can be used).
These are the tools
you may need
Cordless or hand drill. If you
have galvanized water supply
pipe, you may need a non-elec-
tric drill to make a small hole.
Basin Wrench. If you intend to
use the hand sprayer hole in
your sink for your dispenser,
you may need a basin wrench
and a 1/8" plug or a 1/4" cap for
the faucet spray hose line. See
item 1 of installation instructions
for details.
Chassis punch. If you need to
punch a mounting hole in your
stainless steel sink you may
need a 1-1/4" (3.2 cm) chassis
Call the Answerline at 1-800-558-5700