Emerson PS3 User Manual

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Pressure Switch
Alco Controls
PS3__35003_EN_R08.doc 1 / 10 09.08.2011
The ALCO PS3 is a Pressure Switch with fixed switch-point
Maximum Operating Pressure up to 43 bar
Test Pressure up to 48 bar
Standard factory settings from stock in small volumes
High and low pressure switches
High temperature version with snubber for direct
compressor mounting (Range 6)
Direct mounting reduces the number of joints and thus
avoiding potential leakage
Precise setting and repeatability
IP 65 protection if used with the new PS3-Nxx and PS3-
Lxx cables with plug (acc. EN 175301-803), no additional
gasket required (molded into plug)
Customer specific versions in multipacks, minimum order
quantity 100 Stück
For direct mounting on a pressure connection (free
standing) or with a capillary tube
Direct compressor head mounting with high temperature
bellows and snubber:
- reduces the number of joints
- avoids potential leakage
- saves high cost of flexible hose
TÜV approved versions for high and low pressure
Micro-switch for narrow pressure differentials
Gold plated contacts for low voltage/current applications
Cables with plug PS3-Nxx/PS3-Lxx not included; to be
ordered separately (see page 8 for details)
per Low Voltage Directive
per PED Directive 97/23/EC, TÜV appr. versions only
Manufactured and tested to standards on our own
Underwriter Laboratories
PS3 are equipped with a SPDT snap action contact, switching
from 1-2 to 1-4 on rising pressure and from 1-4 to 1-2 on falling
pressure (see diagram). The PS3 is factory preset according to
customers specification and is not adjustable. Several models
are available:
Low pressure switch, with automatic or manual reset
High pressure switch, with automatic or manual reset
TÜV approved safety high pressure limiter with automatic
TÜV approved safety high pressure cut-out, with internal or
external manual reset
TÜV approval for pressure switches can be reached either by
using a double diaphragm (Pressure range 1-5) which acts in a
fail-safe mode or by a single pressure element (Bellows,
Pressure range 6) which is able to resists to > 2 Mio. cycles
between 50% and 100% of the maximum operating pressure
(see 4.6.1 of EN 12263).
single diaphragm double diaphragm
bellows (pressure range 6)