Emerson S10 User Manual

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Upgrade Solution
What is an S10?
The S10 product line, marketed by Saftronics, serviced the Micro
AC drive market from 1/8 to 3 HP single or three-phase input at
115, 230, and 460 VAC for applications such as fans, blowers,
and conveyors.
What replaces the S10?
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Our Commander SK series can replace the S10 functionality and are state-of-the-art
Digital Drives that are similar in size, offer many more internal features and can be setup
using your Laptop or PC. Software for the Commander SK is free! The Commander
SK offers PLC Ladder capability ( using SyPT Lite ) for those more complex applications
plus a full range of Factory Fieldbus communication platforms.
To obtain these software packages click below:
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Preview the Commander SK Manual
Free 4 Channel CT Scope
Commander SK Family
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