Emerson SA-1 User Manual

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©2008 Easy Heat www.easyheat.com 14055-001 Rev. 3
Automatic Snow/Ice Melting Controller
Installation & Operation Instructions
The SA-1heating cable controller has been designed
and manufactured for the sole intended use of controlling
heating cables in residential and commercial snow melting
applications such as: sidewalks, driveways, parking
garage entrances and drive-through. The SA-1 uses
microcontroller technology to reduce energy consumption
by energizing the heating cable only when the right
conditions of temperature and snowfall occur.
The main components of the SA-1are shown in Fig.1.
The snow and temperature sensors detect snow or ice
conditions and activate, through a power relay, a heating
Another feature of SA-1 is the LED indicator light. This
light turns red if the snow sensor is dirty and needs to be
cleaned. The red light will switch off automatically when
the snow sensor is cleaned. The LED turns green every
time the power relay is activated and will switch off if the
power relay is off.
Improper installation, use and/or maintenance of the
SA-1 can cause re, electrical shock and/or result in
snow build-up.
1. This is not a do-it-your-self” product. A qualied
electrician must install the SA-1.
2. If after carefully reading these instructions you still
have questions regarding installation, operation or
maintenance of this product, call the numbers listed
for assistance.
3. Prior to installation, check the SA-1 body enclosure or
wires for possible shipping damages. Do not install a
damaged SA-1 controller.
4. All heating cables, controls & associated systems must
be installed in compliance with the latest editions of
all applicable electrical codes and ordinances.
5. These instructions must be saved and made available
to owners or users of this product and/or transferred
to future owners.
6. Any heating cable that is to be connected to the SA-1
must be installed according to the manufacturer’s
7. Do not connect more than 16 Amp load to the
SA-1 (See Fig. 2 & 3). Risk of re, electric shock or
accumulation of snow can result from a larger cable
or from multiple cables being connected.
8. Secure the SA-1 in an area free of obstructions such
as trees, shrubs, etc. to prevent any damages to the
snow sensor.
9. Avoid excessive shock or vibration.
10. Do not touch the surface of the moisture sensor, it is
a hot surface.
Moisture Sensor
LED Indicator
Mounting Connector
.5" (12.70mm) NPT
Figure 1
Temperature Sensor
US T. (800) 537-4732 / F. (888) 324-2440
CAN T. (800) 794-3766 / F. (800) 361-4574