Emerson SiteLink-4 User Manual

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Specification for SiteLink-4
DESCRIPTION: The SiteLink-4 is a 32 bit microprocessor-based communications device that provides
an interface for up to four Liebert Unit Controllers (IGM’s). The SiteLink-4 communicates to either the
SiteScan Monitoring System, or a third party software program utilizing a designated open standard
protocol (i.e. Modbus or BACnet). This device communicates to the SiteScan Monitoring System via a
twisted pair called the ARC156 network through an EIA-485 port at either 156K / 9600 or 38.4kbps baud.
It communicates to the third party software monitoring system via a 9-pin DTE male EIA-232 connector
(Portal Interface) or at the 5 pin EIA485 port communicating at either 9600bps or 38.4kbps baud. Four
EIA-422 ports are provided to connect Liebert Information Gathering Modules.
DIMENSIONS: Module: 7 1/2" H x 11 1/4" W
19.05cm H x 28.58cm W
Enclosure: 12”H x 14.25" W x 2.85" D
(painted steel) 419.1mm x 301.3mm x 78.6mm
See Enclosure Diagrams for mounting options.
POWER: 24VAC ± 10%, 50-60 Hz., 7.2VA power consumption (120/24VAC 40VA
transformer available).
OPERATING RANGE: 0° to 130° F (-17.8° to 54.4° C), 10 to 90% relative humidity, non-condensing
COMMUNICATION: CMnet EIA-485 Port - Control Module network screw terminals
Switch selectable baud rates ARC156 / 9600 or 38.4bps
Recommended wire is: MAGNUM Cable pn A3-ARC-156-2
Two (2) Portal Interface – One EIA-232, One EIA-485 2 / 4 wire (for Third Party
software selectable baud rate, 9600bps or 38.4kbps
One (1) Access port (for diagnostics)
Four (4) EIA-422 Ports (for Liebert unit connection) - screw terminal
MEMORY: 1024 kB Flash memory and 1024 kB non-volatile battery-backed RAM.
PROTECTION: Voltage, current, and ESD protection on incoming power and CMnet.
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