Emerson SLCASA-CVR User Manual

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Power Supplies Affected
SLS-05-030-1T, SLS-12-017T, SLS-24-012T
What’s Included
• Part A Cover
• Two Plastic Screws M3x6 mm
• Two Self-tapping Screws M3x6 mm
• Instruction Manual
Assembly Instructions for Cover Installation
Power Supply
Self-tapping screws (2 qty)
M3x6 mm
Plastic screws (2 qty)
M3x6 mm
*Must use plastic only
Part A Cover
1. Position the Part A Cover so that it overlaps the exterior surface of the
Power Supply Chassis.
2. Line up the Part A Cover mounting holes with the Power Supply Chassis
mounting holes. Be careful not to pinch the wires.
3. Secure with the provided screws as shown in Figure 1.
Assembly Instructions for OVP
Part A Cover
1. Locate the mounting holes as shown in Figure 2.
2. Attach SLO-12-000-TB tightly against the inner side of the cover.
3. Position the mounting holes and tighten the screws with 8 kg torque.
4. Assemble the two wires coming out of the SLO-12-000-TB. On the terminal
block, the white wire goes to the “+” and the black wire goes to the “-”.
1. Be careful while assembling the cover, so that no parts on the PCB are
2. When tightening the screws, make sure the torque is 8 kg.
3. Derate power supply by 15% with cover installed.
Technical Support
U.S.: (800) 377-4384
International: (847) 268-6651
E-mail: [email protected]
Linear Power Cover Instruction Manual Model Number: SLCASA-CVR
Part Number: A272-108 Rev 3
September 22, 2008