Emerson ST 30 & ST 40 Owner's Manual

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VersaGraphix Controller
20kHz Ultrasonic Generator
Metal Welding
The VersaGraphiX Controller If you require more, another
makes setup and operation of touch can bring you to the
your ultrasonic process a simple SPC screen.
task. The graphical interface
Languages are not a problem –
was designed with the operator
the program currently supports
in mind. Go/no go results are
fourteen languages.
displayed to simplify the process.
Utilizing Embedded XP as our
For engineers or maintenance
operating system allows the
personnel who require more,
software to be run offline at
a simple touch of the screen
your desk. Splices or assembly
will bring them to setup
drawings can be built or
screen; this screen shows the
downloaded by either a USB stick
actual weld results, along
or through the Ethernet.
with the weld parameters.
Versagraphix Controller