Emerson ST 30 & ST 40 User's Guide

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Branson Model ST-30/40
Metal Welding
The demand for minimum inventory levels
requires 'Justin time" (J.I.T.) manufacturing
techniques. Tube filling and sealing lines
must be capable of quick changeover from
laminates to high and low density plastic
tubes and back again with perfect quality
and reliability. Ultrasonic tube sealing
offers this capability with added benefits
not available with other systems.
Benefits of Ultrasonic Welding:
Branson sealing systems are designed
to be mounted as a station on virtually
all types of filling machines, whether
in-line or rotary. They require no
warm-up time, since no
heat is actually applied
to the tube being
sealed. Every tube goes
through the prescribed
weld cycle, so that
stops and starts during
the process will not
produce over heated
or under heated tubes; this significantly
reduces scrap.
Since no other heaters or hot air streams
are applied, the ultrasonic system is ideally
suited for safely sealing tubes filled with
low flash point materials such as products
with a high alcohol content.
The intense scrubbing action of the
ultrasonic process disperses product to
overflow such as stringers or splashes,
which may occur during filling. No
other process has been so successful
in eliminating this problem.
The Branson Model ST-30/40 eliminates
the need to stop and change tooling when
changing from high to low density plastic
tubes or laminates. A simple one-minute
adjustment to the actuator permits sealing
a variety of tube sizes and materials.
Far less operating energy needed for
ultrasonic tube sealing than for other
sealing methods.
When the unit is operating at full power,
1500 and 800 watts are generated during
the weld cycle for the 30kHz and 40kHz
models respectively. The cycle typically is
under one half second in duration. While
the machine is “idling” (not actually
welding a tube), the power draw is only
about 10 watts.
How Ultrasonic Sealing Works: The
Branson Model ST-30/40 ultrasonic tube
sealers are designed to be mounted onto
virtually all styles of filling machines.
As the tube is advanced to the ultrasonic
tube sealing station, a switch closes to
Branson Model ST-30/40
APT2040 Controller