Emerson Ultraseal 20 User Manual

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Branson Ultraseal
Ultrasonic Tube Welding System
Metal Welding
The Ultraseal
20 is
a compact and light-
weight ergonomic
system which is easy
to use and low cost to operate.
The Branson Ultraseal
20 is a
rigid, lightweight and ergonomic metal
joining system able to seal metal tubes
from 4 mm capillary up to 12 mm diam-
eter. It is easily operated directly on the
charge line, supported by a balancer,
or as a bench top unit to reliably seal
pressurized charge tubes.
Environmentally friendly, the
20 requires no stored
energy, minimal energy at 'standby -
weld ready' and, with a stack efficiency
of approximately 95%, delivers the
lowest total operating cost over life
of ownership.
The Ultraseal
20 mechanically crimps
the tube closed and vibrates the inner
surfaces together at 20,000 cycles per
second. The intense scrubbing action
mixes the molecules forming a metal-
lurgical bond ensuring a hermetic seal.
Pre-Height Search: A pre-sonic
crimp measurement instantly scans
and automatically activates the opti-
mum weld parameters from the
controller's memory sealing the tube.
This is used when tube size and/or
hardness varies within a production
line to produce repeatable and reli-
able welds.
Proximity Sensor: The ultrasonic
generator delivers high frequency
vibratory energy sealing the tube
to the preset final seal height. This
is used when the tube size and
hardness does not vary producing a
repeatable and reliable seal.
Explosion Proof Ultraseal
Independently lab certified for use
with isobutene refrigerants. A safety
purge system removes potentially
trapped gas from the weld actuator
prior to electrical startup and
remains continuously active while
powered up, eliminating the
potential of gas accumulation.