Emerson Ultraseam 20 User Manual

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20 Metal Seam
Metal Welding
Ultraseam 20
The Ultraseam
20 is the ultimate
metal seam welder – ideal for
continuous welding of aluminum
and copper foils at speeds up to 22
meters per minute. It uses ultrasonic
energy for low cost, clean, and
efficient operation. Tool life can
exceed one million meters of weld.
System Description: The complete
-20 as shown consists of
two modules: the power control
system and the weld head. The
power control incorporates a
4,000 Watt, 20 kHz power supply
and a DC motor speed control.
Amplitude is electronically
adjustable to enable welding of
a range of material, thicknesses,
and operating speeds.
The weld head is extremely
rugged and features heavy
duty tapered roller bearings.
A DC motor provides variable
bi-directional speed control.
A pneumatic cylinder and
pressure regulator permit easy
adjustment of the weld force.
Equipment Features:
True metallurgic bonds provide
excellent heat transfers.
All mechanical process - no
electrical current passes through
the work-piece and no melting
Ideal for welding similar or
dissimilar electrical grade alloys
and nonferrous metals of varying
Lowest cost per weld compared to
fusion methods for metal joining.
Superior tool life.
Welding variables can be precisely
monitored and controlled
providing consistent results
and SPC capabilities.
Energy efficient.
Easy to set up and operate.
Seam Welding