Emerson Ultrasplice 40 User Manual

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40 kHz Portable
Ultrasonic Wire Splicer
Metal Welding
The Branson Ultrasplice-40 joins wires
quickly and reliably while providing
maximum maneuverability. It splices
up to 4 #16 AWG or a total of 6mm sq
wires in-line, or in a pig tail configuration.
Splicing ultrasonically results in a superior
electrical connection over crimping,
soldering, or resistance welding, and
offers savings in power consumption,
elimination of consumables, and longer
tool life.
The Ultrasplice 40's convenient design
enables the operator to feed wires easily
into the splicing nest. A gathering
mechanism positions wires accurately
and catches frayed wires to ensure a
high quality weld. Typically, a weld is
completed in less than one half second.
Since ultrasonics does not generate
appreciable heat, wires can be handled
immediately after splicing.
The Ultrasplice 40 can be readily used for
wire tipping (the solidification of the ends
of strands of wires to keep them from
splaying). This process is especially useful
to prevent unravelling when wires must
be plugged into a connector. The wire
is placed into the large nest area and the
Ultrasplice 40 is activated to collect the
strands and weld them into a precise
The Ultrasplice 40 is easily mounted into
an automated wire preparation machine
for total automation of the tipping
process. Production rates in the auto-
mated mode can be as high as 60 parts
per minute. The rugged construction
of this system and long tool life makes
the Ultrasplice 40 the perfect method for
wire tipping.
Tool life usually exceeds 100,000 welds.
Electrical power consumption with
ultrasonics averages only 1/30 of the
amount used by resistance welding, and
ultrasonic welding eliminates the need
for costly clips, solder, and flux.
Ultrasplice 40