Ford Cobra 4.6L (4V) User Manual

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303-01C-1 303-01C-1Engine — Cobra 4.6L (4V)
Induction System
The sequential multiport fuel injection (SFI)
WARNING: Do not operate the engine
provides the fuel/air mixture needed for combustion
with the hood open until the fan blade has been
in the cylinders. The eight solenoid-operated fuel
first examined for possible cracks and separation.
The 4.6L (4V) (281 CID) Cobra engine is a V-8
are mounted in the lower intake manifold.
with the following features:
meter fuel into the air intake stream in accordance
intercooled supercharger
with engine demand.
dual overhead camshafts
are positioned so that their tips direct fuel just
four valves per cylinder
ahead of the engine intake valves.
sequential multiport fuel injection (SFI)
are connected in series with the fuel pressure
an aluminum intake manifold
supply fuel from the fuel tank with a fuel pump
aluminum cylinder heads
mounted in the fuel tank.
a cast aluminum, 90-degree V- cylinder block
A constant fuel pressure drop is maintained across
individually chain-driven camshafts with a
the fuel injectors by the fuel pressure sensor. The
hydraulic timing chain tensioner on each timing
fuel pressure sensor:
is positioned upstream from the fuel injectors on
the electronic ignition system with eight ignition
the fuel injection supply manifold.
Valve Train
The valve train operates as follows:
Always refer to these labels when replacement parts
are necessary or when checking engine calibrations.
ball-tip hydraulic lash adjusters provide automatic
The engine parts often differ within a CID family.
lash adjustment.
Verification of the identification codes will ensure
roller followers ride on the camshaft lobes,
that the correct parts are obtained. These codes
transferring the up-and-down motion of the
contain all the pertinent information relating to the
camshafts to the valves in the cylinder heads.
dates, optional equipment and revisions. The Ford
Master Parts Catalog contains a complete listing of
Positive Crankcase Ventilation System
the codes and their application.
All engines are equipped with a closed-type positive
Code Information crankcase ventilation system recycling the crankcase
vapors to the upper intake manifold.
The engine code information label, located on the
side of the valve cover and the front side of the
Lubrication System
valve cover, contains the following:
The engine lubrication system operates as follows:
engine build date
oil is drawn into the oil pump through the oil
engine plant code
pump screen cover and tube in the sump of the
engine code
oil pan.
oil is pumped through the oil bypass filter on the
Exhaust Emission Control System
left front side of the cylinder block.
Operation and necessary maintenance of the exhaust
oil enters the main oil gallery where it is
emission control devices used on this engine is
distributed to the crankshaft main journals and to
covered in the Powertrain Control/Emissions
both cylinder heads.
Diagnosis (PC/ED) manual.
Copyright 2002, Ford Motor Company
Last updated: 6/14/2002
2003 Mustang, 8/2002