Ford F-350 User Manual

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= New for this model year.
2009 MY F-350 Pick-Up
In an effort to provide dealers with guidance on ordering recommendations, Ford has developed specific ordering
recommendations, which statistically represent the fastest turning configurations when this specific content is
grouped together (referred to as Fast Turn Orders). The Fast Turn Orders were developed as a result of an
extensive analysis of actual retail dealer sales performance of every vehicle configuration with the goal of
identifying those configurations with the best Days on Lot (DOL) performance.
FTOs are designed to provide dealers with:
Vehicle configuration recommendations representing the fastest turning configurations available
Options to consider adding to FTOs that do not degrade the inventory turn performance
11 FTO vehicle configurations have been developed for the MY 2009 Super Duty F-350 Pickup. The FTO
descriptions with the required options, recommended options, and recommended take rates are listed in the
following pages: