Linksys EG0801W User Manual

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10/100/1000 8+1
Workgroup GigaSwitch
igrate your network to Fast Ethernet’s Gigabit
speed with the EtherFast
10/100/1000 8+1
Workgroup GigaSwitch. This new compact 10/100
Switch from Linksys provides blazing transfer speeds for
your network applications with integrated Gigabit connec-
Apply this switching power to your current Ethernet net-
work, and your data traffic efficiency will improve several
times over. Connect your workstations to the Switch's
10/100 ports,and speed up access time for all your users in
just one move. Connect to your server through the single
Gigabit port for full-duplex, dedicated bandwidth of up to
2000Mbps—the speed is yours!
With the EtherFast
10/100/1000 8+1 Workgroup
GigaSwitch, you can connect your existing 10/100 Ethernet
network to your Gigabit server backbone without purchas-
ing costly Gigabit adapters for each workstation. In addi-
tion, the Gigaswitch has easy, hassle-free setup with no
configuration required.
Save money and time with this all-in-one solution for Gigabit
connectivity over your 10/100 Ethernet network.
• 1 Gbps Full Duplex Switch Port and 8 10/100Mbps
Auto-Detect Half/Full Duplex Switch Ports
• Internal Built-In 256KB SRAM for Buffer Memor y
• Up to 4096 MAC Addresses Table/Hashing Algorithm
on Address Learning
• Support Store and Forward Architecture and Performs
Forwarding and Filtering at Non-blocking Full Wire
• Supports Aging Function and 802.3x Flow for Full
Duplex and Back-Pressure Function for Half-Duplex
• Supports Congestion Flow Control
• Provides 3 LEDs per Port to Indicate the Packets
Traffic Pattern and Link Status
• Signal Regeneration Ensures Data Transfer Integrity
• Free Technical Support—24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a
Week for North America Only
• One-Year Limited Warranty
• Gigabit Speed Now Available Using Standard
Networking Cable - No Fiber Cabling
Each 10/100 Port Automatically Detects and
Negotiates Up to 100Mbps
• Integrates Your Existing 10/100 Network with
a Gigabit Server Backbone Connection
• Channels Full Duplex, Dedicated
Bandwidth to Each Port for Optimal
• Easy to Use—No Configuration Required
• Free Technical Support—24 Hours a Day,
7 Days a Week for North America Only
• One-Year Limited Warranty
10/100/1000 8+1 Workgroup GigaSwitch
Enjoy Blazing Fast,Easy and Affordable Gigabit
Integration For Your Network
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Instant Gigabit Series