Linksys KX-TG5566 User Manual

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Thank you for purchasing a Panasonic cordless telephone.
Please read this Installation Manual before using the unit and save for
future reference.
This handset is an accessory handset for use with Panasonic base units
KX-TG5561, KX-TG5566, KX-TG5571, KX-TG5576, and KX-TG5583.
You must register this handset with your base unit before it can be used.
This installation manual describes only the steps needed to register and
begin using the handset. Please read the base unit’s operating
instructions for further details.
Charge the battery for 6 hours before initial use.
5.8 GHz Expandable Digital Cordless Handset
Model No.
Installation Manual
PQQX14420YA DM0205MK2045