Netgear WN370 Handbook

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Installation Guide
ProSAFE® Wall Mount Access Point WN370
Package Contents
Unpack the box and verify the contents:
ProSAFE® Wall Mount Access Point WN370
Mounting bracket with four mounting screws
Warranty card
Software license agreement
Regulatory flyer
Installation Guide
Installation Requirements
You must have the following items to successfully install your access point:
A 6mm Phillips screwdriver
A T8 screwdriver
A computer running Windows XP or Windows 7
A Standard EU or US wall outlet junction box with an ethernet cable routed
through the wall from your LAN to the junction box
An IEEE 802.3af/at compliant PoE switch or IEEE 802.3af/at compliant PoE
Mount the Access Point
The access point requires an electrical outlet junction box mounted in a wall.
To mount the access point to the wall:
1. Remove the faceplate from the outlet junction box.
2. Run the Ethernet cable through the junction box with enough slack to reach
the access point.
3. Run the Ethernet cables through the mounting bracket.
4. Align the mounting bracket with the holes on the junction box.
5. Attach the mounting bracket to the junction box using the included Phillips
head screws.
6. Connect the Ethernet cable providing PoE and network connectivity to the PoE
port on the back of the access point.
7. (Optional) Connect the Ethernet cable providing pass through support to the
pass through port on the back of the access point.
8. Mount the access point to the mounting bracket using the included T8
Set Up the Access Point
The WN370 access point can only be deployed in a network managed by a
ProSAFE WC7600 wireless controller. If you have a DHCP server in your network,
option 43 must be enabled pointing towards the IP address of the WC7600.
To discover and configure the access point using the WC7600 wireless
1. Access the wireless controller at the network IP address that you configured.
2. Select Access Point > Discovery > Discovery Wizard.
3. Follow the steps onscreen to discover the access point and review the discovery