Netgear WND930 User Manual

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Dual Band High Powered 802.11n Outdoor Access Point Data Sheet
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Outdoor Access Point
The WND930 Outdoor Access Point is a dual band concurrent 802.11n
Outdoor Access Point that combines high power, optimal high gain antennas,
and an industrial grade enclosure for optimal outdoor deployment. The
WND930 Outdoor Access Point is powered by redundant dual Power
over Ethernet (PoE) gigabit ports as well as the capability to power other
PoE devices. The WND930 Outdoor Access Point operates under harsh
environment with its industrial grade IP67 enclosure and an embedded
heater to allow the Access Point to operate in below freezing point
temperature. The WND930 Outdoor Access Point is ideal for hotels,
resorts, schools, multi-dwelling apartments, and other locations needing
high throughput, high capacity outdoor coverages. The WND930 Outdoor
Access Point can operate either as a point-to -point mesh link between
remote locations or as an Access Point providing coverages for users. As
with all NETGEAR wireless products, the WND930 Outdoor Access Point is
designed with an easy setup for a reliable, high performance and aordable
total cost of ownership.
High powered for super coverage
•Up to 500 mW of RF output power
combine with high gain (8 dBi) dual
band internal antenna to maximize
•High receive sensitivity
(up to -90 dBm) to optimally
balance uplink and downlink
Industrial grade enclosure to
operate in harsh environment
•Ingress Protection marking
of IP67 rated to operate
in extreme environment
•Embedded heater automatically
activate to allow proper operation
in below freezing temperature
Flexible Power over Ethernet
choices to maximize redundancy
and deployment options
•Dual gigabit Ethernet ports with
redundancy to enable AP to
continue to operate in the case
of intermittent power failure
•PoE power sourcing (PSE) to
power other PoE devices such
as surveillance cameras directly
from the WND930 Outdoor
Access Point
Flexible deployment options for
a variety of applications
•Flexible deployment models
including point to point mesh with
embedded high gain directional
antenna and access point mode
with external antenna option
•Robust wall mounting and
pole mounting kits for flexible
deployment options